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Company Profile

Applied Consumer Services, Inc. has become a well known local laboratory originally founded by Dr. Burch Stewart in 1986 as research and quality control company.  

Our mission is to provide technical consulting, chemical, physical, and microbiological analysis and testing of various consumer products. Our service includes quality control, stability study/shelf-life, challenge/performance testing of variety of consumer products, such as foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, OTC, supplements, cosmetics, beauty products, etc. Additionally, the laboratory conducts forensic investigation and testing, reverse engineering/deformulation and reformulation of novelty products, inventions, patent infringement, feasibility study, failure analysis, and much more.

We strive to give our clients excellent technical services in a wide variety of biological, chemical, physical, and engineering fields.

What We Do


To identify the contents, composition, and quality of materials used in product development and manufacturing.


To identify and detect microorganisms in products and samples.

Lab Services

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Statement of Laboratory Quality Assurance

Our ACSI QA manual is very similar to that required by the Florida Department of Environmental Resources (DERM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for analyzing water. However, we are primarily a consulting and analytical laboratory for consumer products. Information for conducting, sampling and analysis of pharmaceuticals, herbs, water, foods, cosmetics, textiles, pesticides, wood, minerals, soils, concrete, paints and other materials is given in our QA plan. Chain of custody procedures are used for forensic projects. Records of samples and project files are maintained in logbooks and in special computer programs.

Certification of analytical equipment, balances, spectroscopic instruments, etc. is conducted and recorded on a periodic basis, primarily by outside testing firms. Some spectrometers and chromatographs have built-in calibration capabilities. Equipment such as the gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS), gas chromatography/flame ionization detector (GC/FID), ultraviolet/visible spectrometer (UV/VIS), fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR), high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), ion chromatograph (IC), and four analytical balances are maintained and calibrated by outside service companies. Our atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) is checked in-house for accuracy by running recoveries on spiked samples using certified metal standards. Precision of AAS data is checked by running multiple determinations. Other laboratory equipment such as pH meters, ovens, furnaces, humidity chambers, incubators, thermometers, and glassware are calibrated in-house.

Our full Statement of Quality Assurance Plan and references are available upon request.

Laboratory Certifications

Certified Analyses (USP, ACSI) for Pharmaceutical Products.
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for Specific Compliance Statements.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), UNS 790112734. Since 1987
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Since 1987.

Technical Organizations and Associations

Client Testimonials

ajay rao
ajay rao
Great company to deal with, thoroughly professional and easy to reach and always responds promptly. Would definitely do business with them again. Galina and staff were really attentive to our business needs.
David CMC
David CMC
We have been using Applied Consumer Services for 17 years. As the owner of a contract manufacturing company of topical products who tests every lot of product we make for customers I can say there is no better lab. The entire staff is very professional and responsive. They work very closely with us and always go above and beyond. Whenever we need extra help they are always there for us. We count on them tremendously and you can too without worry.
Amanda Ambrose
Amanda Ambrose
Applied Consumer Services are professional, and timely with their testing results. They have a wonderful staff that are pleasant and communicate effectively. Their chemists and scientists possess a vast knowledge in their field. They offer a plethora of testing for our company, including stability ,water testing, raw material testing, in process and finished goods testing. We plan on having a long working relationship with Applied Consumer Services!
John Borja
John Borja
Our go-to analytical and stability services lab! Great people, scientists, and team! Services are prompt and timely and they’ll help you with all your analytical needs!
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore
Worked with ACS for over 7 years and have had nothing but positive experiences! The team here is efficient, knowledgeable, and responsive. ACS values their clients and over the years have shown this to me and my organization time and again, no question or request is too small. I'd recommend ACS to anyone who has a need for their services - my own experience with ACS concerns pharmaceutical and medical device testing (release, stability, and validation), but I have no doubt they are just as capable across their entire portfolio. A great company with a great team!
Ernesto Melgarejo
Ernesto Melgarejo