Our laboratory offers the following cosmetic analysis and testing services:

  • Chemical analysis and deformulation of all components to obtain list of ingredients for the label. Includes skin creams, skin cleaners, moisturizers, lipstick, sun-blocks, sun-screens, deodorants, shampoos, hair products, personal products, feminine products, etc.
  • Special analyses for trace minerals including USP heavy metals to meet FDA requirements.
  • Analysis and identification of dyes and pigments to meet FDA requirements.
  • Consulting regarding product label claims and FDA requirements.
  • Microbiological analysis of bacteria and mold to meet FDA requirements.
  • Determination of SPF values (in vitro and in vivo)
  • Determination of skin irritation, 20-50 subjects.
  • Reformulation including improvement of formulas and addition of preservatives, stabilizers, etc.
  • Formulation and creation of new cosmetic products.
  • Deformulation of cosmetic products,
  • Shelf-life determinations by accelerated aging tests.
    • For example, 30 days storage at 75% RH and 40 deg.C.