Forensic/Failure Analysis

The laboratory tests all types of consumer products including, but not limited to:

  • Foods, beverages, supplements, herbs.
  • Cleaners, disinfectants, household formulas.
  • Pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, perfumes, cosmetics.
  • Stucco, concrete, adhesives, paint, glass, ceramics, wood.
  • Small appliances and many other products to determine the
    probable cause of failure.
  • Automotive products, polishes, waxes, cleaners.
  • Metals, glass, ceramics, minerals, etc.

The laboratory will test a failed product against a control product. Complete details of the failure or problem is needed in order to perform the analysis. If the product is the subject of litigation, a chain of custody for the sample is provided.

Ask for additional information of the forensic services, including depositions, affidavits, court appearance, and forensic sample storage that our laboratory offers.