Shelf Life Studies

We offer stability studies to determine the expiration day of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, supplement and food products. The studies can be conducted in room temperature, accelerated, intermediate or feeze/thaw conditions. These stability studies can be helpful to find how the quality of a product varies with time under various environmental factors.

Room Temperature Stability Study
  • This study is conducted under controlled temperature and humidity to approximate the conditions of long-term storage.
  • Temperature: 25 +/- 2oC with 60 +/- 5% RH. 
Intermediate Stability Study
  • A stability study that is conducted under conditions that are between long-term and accelerated storage conditions.
  • Temperature: 30 +/-2oC with 65 +/- 5% RH.
Accelerated Stability Study
  • This study is conducted under exaggerated conditions in order to accelerate the aging process of a product.
  • Temperature: 40 +/- 2oC with 75 +/- 5% RH.
Freeze/Thaw Stability Study
  • This study is conducted without humidity control to determine the effect that freezing and thawing have on the stability of a product.
  • Temperature: 5oC
Period After Opening (PAO)
  • This study is conducted to determine the period of time that a product remains suitable for use after its container has been opened and reclosed.